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Are Baloch fighting Pakistan or one another?

Baloch are a curious people. They know they are being beaten to death and they understand that the only way to survival is to hold each other’s hand. But they are reluctant to do that because everyone thinks the other one’s hand is dirty. All Baloch political and militant groups …

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Dr Allah Nazar, BLF, leadership

When Franklin D. Roosevelt, the U.S. president (1933-1945), died in April 1945, the U.S soldiers were still fighting in the World War II (WWII), the deadliest war in the world history. One American soldier, deployed in Europe, wrote to his wife living in the US: We’re sorry to hear the …

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If you can, set on fire Chairman’s memories

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was the founder of the Baloch National Movement. Popularly, known as Chairman among the Baloch, he is considered the pioneer of the Baloch separatist movement. He was jailed for years several times. On April 3, 2009, he was abducted by Pakistan military officials from his lawyer’s office …

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Changing tides: (W)rapping up taboos in Balochistan

At a time when the Baloch music is stagnant and suffering from an inertiawithin itself, the Balochi rap music is becoming a trend. Not only rapping is new in Balochistan, rap songs are also challenging the very basis of the Baloch societal myths and taboos. Although they do seldom conform …

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Is media deaf or the Baloch mute?

Many Baloch activists criticize Pakistani media for its deafness when it comes to the painful screams echoing from Balochistan. They take the high level of freedom of press in advanced democratic societies, like Western European countries and North America, and expect the same freedom in a nearly failed state like …

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