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Balochistan leaders’ emoji war

After words of taunt over a Coronavirus ward were seemingly not conveying the right images, leaders in Balochistan on Thursday started an emoji war. Current and former chief ministers, MPAs and spokesmen all took part. They laughed, cried and rolled on the floor, while Twitter watched. It began with poetry. …

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No peace for Balochistan

Nothing stops the Pakistani army from violating the Baloch people’s rights, not even natural calamities. There have been reports of enforced disappearances in Balochistan on a daily basis despite a call from the United Nations to stop armed activity during the ongoing global pandemic. The army in fact tries to …

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ساجد، پلیز واتَر کن

دلگۆش: اے نبشتانک نامیێن اهوالکار و ناول‌نویس مهمد هنیفا په بی بی سی اردوا نبشته کرتگ و تاج بلۆچا په بلۆچستان‌ٹایمزا بلۆچیا رجانک کرتگ ێکے وه اِش که چه سجّهێنان سۆگه‌تِر اَت. کۆهان سر کپگۓ هچ شئوکی نێست‌اَت. ٹئینکانی دێما وپسگۓ واهگی نێست‌اَت. سیاستی انچۆ کُرت که پورا نۆکێن سازێۓ …

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ساجد که واترَ بیت

مالی بله نَکسے. کسَم اِنت. اَنچێن ٹێمبان انچێن گپّ کنت، مردم نزانت بِکندیت اگن بِگرێت. تئو که گار اتۓ، سۓ شمبئیئے شپا چه منا پێسر اوپسالاها رَستگ‌اَت و تئیی بِلڈنگۓ دێما اۆشتاتگ‌اَت. تان دێران. و بانُکا گوَشتگ‌اَت که هَشتا و رند اۆدا باید مه‌اۆشتیت. گُڑا بَسے گپتگ‌اَتی و کُمپێس والا …

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A withdrawn man

I first met Sajid Hussain in my hometown of Tump, a small insignificant place in the middle of nowhere in Balochistan. I can’t remember the year, but it was sometime in the late 90s or early 2000s. His cousin Asif Baloch, who was a student political activist, proudly introduced him: …

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Naela’s demand for govt in exile backfires

Baloch activist Naela Qadri is in India again and this time she is seeking the Indian government’s help to form a Baloch government in exile. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement about highlighting the Baloch cause in the aftermath of the latest tensions between Pakistan and India on Kashmir has …

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