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ڈاکٹر مھرنگ باید اِنت پارلیمنٹءَ برئوت

ڈاکٹر مھرنگءَ، کوئٹهءِ جلسهءَ گُشت که ”منا چه اے جلسهءَ انقلابءِ بۆ پێداک اِنت.“ اے راستے ءُ کَس انکار کُت نکنت. بلۆچ لانگ‌مارچ که چه ماھےءَ گێش اسلام‌آبادءَ نِشت، زۆراکی سَگّت ءُ بلۆچستانءَ واترئےِ کُت، مھلوکءَ انچۆ وَشّ‌آتک کت ٹیمے ورڈکپے بکٹّیت. اے بلاهێں آشۆبے اَت که ڈاکٹر مھرنگءِ گْوانکےءَ اینچو مھلوک اَتک ءُ شالءَ ...

Malik Siraj Akbar

Dr Mahrang Baloch should consider parliamentary politics

You could not fault Dr Mahrang Baloch for saying she smelled a revolution during one of the largest political rallies in Balochistan’s history last week. The Baloch long march – which survived the hostilities in Islamabad for over a month and returned to Balochistan like a World Cup-winning team – was a revolution in itself, ...

Malik Siraj Akbar

Siddiq Baluch, left, along with Malik Siraj Akbar (the author), middle.

Siddiq Baluch: the last surviving story teller

“So do you know what happened next?” asked Siddiq Baluch as he shared yet another anecdote from his eventful journalistic career that stretched over five decades. Young reporters and journalism students from the University of Balochistan sat around the seasoned journalist at the office of Daily Balochistan Express and Daily Azadi, both of which he ...