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The man who ran out of luck

I had always thought of Balochistan as a land of poets and storytellers until I was introduced to yet another perspective the other day. “Balochistan is the land of lucky people,” said my local Pakistani shopkeeper here in Germany with an envious smirk. “All of the Baloch get asylum here.” …

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ساجد هُسئین، اهوالکاری و بێگواهی

من پئیسبُکپا ساجد هسئینۓ گپ و ترانے اشکت. یکّے آییا سویڈنۓ بارئوا جستَ کنت که چۆنێن ملکے؟ گوشیت که اے ملکۓ مردم وتی جاگها ادۓ کُچکّان هم کس دست جتَ نکنت. کچک هم مهپوز اَنت. تربت تهسیلۓ سۓ ورنا، کَدّ و اُمرا سَر و نێمسرَ بنت. ساجد هُسئین، شاهمیر بلۆچ …

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ساجد، پلیز واتَر کن

دلگۆش: اے نبشتانک نامیێن اهوالکار و ناول‌نویس مهمد هنیفا په بی بی سی اردوا نبشته کرتگ و تاج بلۆچا په بلۆچستان‌ٹایمزا بلۆچیا رجانک کرتگ ێکے وه اِش که چه سجّهێنان سۆگه‌تِر اَت. کۆهان سر کپگۓ هچ شئوکی نێست‌اَت. ٹئینکانی دێما وپسگۓ واهگی نێست‌اَت. سیاستی انچۆ کُرت که پورا نۆکێن سازێۓ …

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Sajid Hussain a rare gem

The news of Sajid Hussain’s disappearance in Sweden is awfully shocking. He is someone who uses his pen to highlight the issue of Balochistan’s missing persons, who are abducted and killed by Pakistan’s powerful military. The very reason he was forced to become a refugee was to avoid the evident …

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The shelter from the storm

A letter to Sajid Hussain Hello Guru! Let’s make one thing clear. If you are expecting that I will write an eulogy or another emotional piece, you are wrong. I think you remember very well once I told you: “Nothing excites me anymore”. Honestly, when I said that, I was …

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Our missing editor’s case

Prominent journalist and Chief Editor Balochistan Times Sajid Hussain has been missing from Uppsala, Sweden, since March 2 of this year. What is worrying is that the Swedish police have as of yet failed to make a breakthrough in the case even after a month of his disappearance. His family, …

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