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Homeland buries beneath another friend

Karima Baloch is a former chairperson of the Baloch Students Organization and one of BBC’s top 100 women in 2016. She lives as a political refugee in Canada. We grew together, played together and shared the same toys that we had invented ourselves. We, the two girls, wandered around the …

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Why I Left Home: The story of a Baloch refugee

I am obsessed with reading novels, short stories, or any literature about people who left their homes, were expelled from their countries or persecuted. A part of keeping informed is I don’t get weary of watching movies and documentaries about the lives of refugees or victims of torture and imprisoned …

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Is army extorting money in Balochistan?

As enforced disappearances and kill-and-dump operations continue in Balochistan, an increasing number of evidence is surfacing to prove Pakistan army’s involvement in extorting money from the families of victims. On August 20, 2019, a friend sent me a link to a news story on WhatsApp with the headline: “[Pakistan] Army …

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A risky new world

We live in wavering times. The changes which took prolonged epochs and eras to occur can now take place in sequences of transitory spans. The German sociologist, Ulrik Beck, called this swiftly changing or post-modern world a risk society. Though he came to this conclusion primarily on the bases of his sociological …

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I walked from Balochistan to Germany

This is Fareed Baloch’s year long journey on foot from Balochistan to Germany.   It was around three in the morning when the agents hurriedly woke us up. “Move, move, move it! Let’s go. Now is the time,” one said, as they shepherd us. We were exhausted after already failing …

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