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The future of Omani Baloch, after Qaboos is gone

If the people of Makran, living both in Iran as well as in Pakistan, have ever truly loved a monarch, it was undeniably Sultan Qaboos of Oman. His framed portraits, especially the ones where he is wearing a military uniform, hang friendly in many mud homes of the arid and …

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Baloch woman, an easy victim of war

Background The conflict-stricken Balochistan is not only rich in natural resources but is also home to a deep sea port in Gwadar located at the junction of major oil trade routes. Throughout history, the strategic location of Balochistan has attracted interests of many global power players — from China to …

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Dear world, does a Baloch life really matter?

In October three years ago, I, accompanied by a few fellow refugees from Balochistan, waited outside a Canada Border Services Agency office for another Baloch refugee friend who was being investigated to ascertain he was not a bad guy. As we waited, we received the news that another friend, a …

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Gwadar, CPEC and the water tanker fart

This is the story of the time in the early 80s when Gwadar was a small, sleepy fishing town of hardly 20,000 people. A time when General Pervez Musharraf, the mastermind of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), was probably a low-ranking officer in the Pakistan Army. A time when the …

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ما و دُنیا

دُنیایا کئوم ہست و تکریبَن گیشتریں کئوماں ملک ہم ہست۔ ہر کسا کہ ملک نیست، بزاں ماتا نئیاورتگ۔ ما بلوچ ہم انچیں کئومے ایں کہ مارا ملک و سرڈگار ہست بلہ دگرانی دستا ایں، مارا سیاسی واک و وتواجہی نیست۔ ما انچو گواتا گون ایں، بزاں ما بئے نہ ایں۔ …

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