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How important are indigenous land claims?

How important are indigenous land claims? In this episode, Dr. Zaffar Baloch joins our panel to discuss Balochistan, colonialism, and nations in a post-colonial era.

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Podcast: Growing up with early tech

What was technology like in the 90s? How did Japan do after WW2? In this episode, Zahid and Mureed discuss remembering growing up with early tech.

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What’s going on with Turkey and Kurds?

In this episode, our panelists Sameer, Murid and Zahid discuss the changing US policy towards Syrian Kurds, and how it’s going to affect the regional and international politics.

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What’s up with Pakistan?

What’s up with Pakistan’s nuclear threats at the UNGA? Zahid and Mureed discuss the complications of Pakistan’s civil and military relation.

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What is Liberal Nationalism?

In this episode, our podcast panelists Zahid, Sameer and Mureed discuss liberal nationalism, free trade and today’s America for our Balochi listeners.

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ریڈیو: گلوبل وارمینگ

گلوبل وارمینگ چی یے؟ دنیائے موسم چون ءُ پرچا مٹّ بوگا انت؟ انسانی زند ءِ سرا اشی ءِ اثر چی انت؟ بِشکُن ات سلمان بلوچ ءِ پوڈکاسٹ ءَ۔

Shah Meer Baloch

سیاسی دیوان: زبیده جلال

چه بلوچستان ٹائمز ءِ نیمگا شاہمیر بلوچ چہ پاکستان ءِ وزیر زبیدہ جلال ءَ بلوچستان ءِ سیاسی ءُ انسانی جاورانی بارہ ءَ تران کنت۔ بلوچستان ریڈیو ءِ پروگرام سیاسی دیوان ءِ تہا شاہمیر بلوچ گون سیاسی سروکان ہبر ءُ ہال کنت۔