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We will not allow death squads in Balochistan: Zubaida Jalal

Balochistan Times’ Shah Meer Baloch lately talked to Zubaida Jalal, Pakistan’s Federal Miniser for Defense Production, about her past and future politics. Some of the edited excerpts of this conversation are as follows:   Shah Meer Baloch: We have had two Zubaida Jalals. One who called herself a revolutionary wanting to change the fate of ...

Shah Meer Baloch

سیاسی دیوان: زبیده جلال

چه بلوچستان ٹائمز ءِ نیمگا شاہمیر بلوچ چہ پاکستان ءِ وزیر زبیدہ جلال ءَ بلوچستان ءِ سیاسی ءُ انسانی جاورانی بارہ ءَ تران کنت۔ بلوچستان ریڈیو ءِ پروگرام سیاسی دیوان ءِ تہا شاہمیر بلوچ گون سیاسی سروکان ہبر ءُ ہال کنت۔    

Shah Meer Baloch

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سیاسی دیوان: حاصل بزنجو

 بلوچستان ٹائمز ریڈیو ءِ پروگرام سیاسی دیوان ءِ تھا  اھوالکار شاھمیر بلوچ گون بلوچ ساستدانان بلوچستان ءِ ھستیں و گوستگیں جاورھالانی سرا تران کنت۔ اولی پروگرام  ءِ مھمان انت نیشنل پارٹی ءِ سروک حاصل بزنجو۔

Shah Meer Baloch

All eyes are on Makran

World politics is reshaping. So is Makran’s, long known as a center of secular and liberal thought. In January, Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, chief of the Rind tribe and President of the Balochistan chapter of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), visited Balochistan’s non-tribal Makran Division in a first-ever political foray to the area. Talk of Rind’s visit ...

Shah Meer Baloch

Twitter hot as Chinese envoy questions Sana’s ‘blood’

Deputy Chief of Mission at Chinese embassy in Islamabad Zhao Lijian created controversy over asking questions about former Senator Sanaullah Baloch’s “blood”? Mr. Baloch has been a fierce critic of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project that both countries claim would bring an economic revolution in the region. The people of Balochistan, however, think it would ...