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Two Balochistan-based human rights groups announce merger

Two Balochistan-based human rights groups on Sunday announced their merger. The decision came in the midst of escalating rights abuses in war-torn Balochistan where thousands of cases of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings have come to limelight since early 2000s. The Human Rights Council of Balochistan (HRCB) and the Baloch …

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Police crack down on medical students in Quetta

The police on Wednesday cracked down on the protesting medical students of the Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences (BUMHS) who had gathered outside the Balochistan Assembly to ask the government for better conditions on the campus. They have been protesting for the last 40 days inside the university …

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The future of Omani Baloch, after Qaboos is gone

If the people of Makran, living both in Iran as well as in Pakistan, have ever truly loved a monarch, it was undeniably Sultan Qaboos of Oman. His framed portraits, especially the ones where he is wearing a military uniform, hang friendly in many mud homes of the arid and …

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Four Baloch women forcibly picked up since yesterday

Update: The four Baloch women forcibly disappeared by paramilitary FC personnel yesterday were handed over to the civilian Levies force earlier today. Awaran’s Levies officials released a photo of the women, claiming they were arrested for possession of arms and ammunition.   Pakistan’s security forces have reportedly whisked away at …

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سئید هاشمیئے بُت گوادرا ایر کنگ بوتگ

بلوچی زبانئے مستریں هزمتکار و مزن‌نامیں شایر و زبانزانت سئیَد زهور شاه هاشمیئے بُت گوادرئے کشتی چئوکا ایر کنگ بوتگ. اے بُت روبرکتی بلوچستانئے نامداریں ازمکار هسن یادگارزادها اڈّ کُتگ. بُتئے کالب آییا چه وتی لوگا اڈ کُتگ و گونی بوتگ. زیک و مرچی، آییا گْوادرئے ازمکارانی همراهیا بُتئے کالب …

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آزمانکے چه پُتینکاں: اوست

نوٹ: اے مئوپساں ئے آزمانکے که واجه نسیم دشتیا بلوچیا ترّینتگ. اے چه واجه عبدالحکیم بلوچئے نزّ آورتگیں ”گچین آمانکا“ زورگ بوتگ که 1970 آ چه بلوچی اکیڈمیئے نیمگا چاپ و شنگ بوتگ. ما تهنا آزمانکئے نبشه رهبند مٹّ کتگ بله پروف و زبانی ردی نگپتگ‌انت تاں آزمانک وتی اسل …

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