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Farhad Baloch

Patriarchy in the Baloch liberation movement

The Baloch liberation movement, a complex and enduring struggle for autonomy and justice, has long been revered for its resilience and commitment. However, beneath its noble objectives lies a disturbing truth: the prevalence of a deeply entrenched patriarchal structure and mentality within its core organizations. One cannot help but notice that the parties advocating for ...

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انسانی حقّانی میان اُستمانی روچ ءَ بلوچانی ہواریں احتجاج

  چہ گوْستگیں بازیں سالاں یکے دومی ءَ دوری ءَ پَد، بازیں بلوچ تنظیماں انسانی حقّانی میان استمانی روچ ءَ دنیا ءِ بازیں مُلکاں بلوچستان ءَ انسانی حقانی لگتمالی ءِ خلاف ءَ پہ ہم پتّی احتجاج کُت ءُ ریلی کَش اِت۔ بلوچ نیشنل موومنٹ، بلوچ ریپبلکن پارٹی، بلوچ ریپبلکن اسٹوڈنٹس آرگنائزیشن ءُ بلوچ اسٹوڈنٹس آرگنائزیشن ...

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Baloch groups hold joint rallies on World HR Day

After years of separation, a number of Baloch nationalist groups jointly held protest rallies on the World Human Rights Day to highlight human rights abuses in Balochistan. The Baloch National Movement (BNM), the Baloch Republican Party (BRP), the Baloch Republican Students Organization (BRSO) and the Baloch Students Organization (BSO) held joint demonstrations in different countries ...