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Lateef Johar is a human rights activist based in Canada. He is the Deputy Coordinator, Human Rights Council of Balochistan. He regularly comments on the situation in Balochistan

درێگتێن من ساجد بدیستێن

ساجد و منی سنگتیۓ اُمر اینکس دراج نه‌اَت که سد ھمینکس من چه آییا در بُرتگ۔ چار سالیێن سنگتیا من چه ساجد ھمنچک چیز ھیل کرت که منا وتا باوَر نبوت۔ آ ھم آنلاین۔ اے ھبر منا مدام بژنیگَ کنت که من گۆن ساجدا هجبر ھم دُچار نکپتان۔ ساجدا تئیی …

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Farewell, Kamash Ilahi Bakhsh

In Balochistan, almost every day ends with a sad, painful story and dying hopes. Last Sunday, it ended with the news of the passing away of Ilahi Bakhsh, the father of former BSO chairman Zahid Baloch who has been in the illegal custody of Pakistani intelligence for the past six …

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No peace for Balochistan

Nothing stops the Pakistani army from violating the Baloch people’s rights, not even natural calamities. There have been reports of enforced disappearances in Balochistan on a daily basis despite a call from the United Nations to stop armed activity during the ongoing global pandemic. The army in fact tries to …

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Dear world, does a Baloch life really matter?

In October three years ago, I, accompanied by a few fellow refugees from Balochistan, waited outside a Canada Border Services Agency office for another Baloch refugee friend who was being investigated to ascertain he was not a bad guy. As we waited, we received the news that another friend, a …

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Is army extorting money in Balochistan?

As enforced disappearances and kill-and-dump operations continue in Balochistan, an increasing number of evidence is surfacing to prove Pakistan army’s involvement in extorting money from the families of victims. On August 20, 2019, a friend sent me a link to a news story on WhatsApp with the headline: “[Pakistan] Army …

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راہءُ سفر دیم پہ آوارانءَ

“گاماں کمو تیزتر کن، روچ دراہگ ءَ پیش ہرچی گیش دیمترا روگ بیت رواں۔ پدا گرم بیت ما سفر کرت نکناں”۔ ما کہ گسانی نزیکءِ رودرتکءِ کسانیں ڈن گوازینت ءُ کڈّءَ ایر کپتاں، ناکو بوروءَ منی نیمگا چارت ءُ گشت۔ کَڈءَرا اینچو باز کرک مان نیست ات۔ چگرد، کُنرءُ کلیڑ …

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میتگ چون یل دات– دومی بهر

اے روچ ءَ من گوں جنک ءُ بچکاں دار ءُ پیش ءَ نَشُتاں۔ من وتی ءُ تُرو آمنہ ءِ، ناکو بُورُو لوگ بانک ءِ، گِس ءُ گوکانی واڑءِ کرّا گَشت ءُ گوازی کرت بلے دلگوش گوں ناکو بورو اَت کہ گوکانی کاہ ءُ بُوچ ءَ کئیت، من پدا گُشان ئِے۔ …

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