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Yaseen Ghani

Yaseen Ghani studied Political Science from the University of Balochistan. He is also interested in philosophy.

A risky new world

We live in wavering times. The changes which took prolonged epochs and eras to occur can now take place in sequences of transitory spans. The German sociologist, Ulrik Beck, called this swiftly changing or post-modern world a risk society. Though he came to this conclusion primarily on the bases of his sociological …

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Yes, I’m from Balochistan

Balochistan is not a country. When someone asks me here in Europe where I come from and I tell them Balochistan, it will most likely be the first time they hear about this piece of land. Then they ask me what language do we speak in Bal.. Balok… Balokistan… “Balochistan,” …

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Qambar Chakar: a revolutionary, a friend

Change has been a constant driving force in the human history and evolution. Sometimes this change is forced by nature and we submit to it and it is called adaption, and sometimes this change is driven by us to alter the status quo and it is called revolution. The latter …

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