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Zahid Abdulla

The shelter from the storm

A letter to Sajid Hussain Hello Guru! Let’s make one thing clear. If you are expecting that I will write an eulogy or another emotional piece, you are wrong. I think you remember very well once I told you: “Nothing excites me anymore”. Honestly, when I said that, I was imagining becoming as cold as ...

News Desk

Our missing editor’s case

Prominent journalist and Chief Editor Balochistan Times Sajid Hussain has been missing from Uppsala, Sweden, since March 2 of this year. What is worrying is that the Swedish police have as of yet failed to make a breakthrough in the case even after a month of his disappearance. His family, friends and journalist unions have ...

Mehlab Naseer

ساجد که واترَ بیت

مالی بله نَکسے. کسَم اِنت. اَنچێن ٹێمبان انچێن گپّ کنت، مردم نزانت بِکندیت اگن بِگرێت. تئو که گار اتۓ، سۓ شمبئیئے شپا چه منا پێسر اوپسالاها رَستگ‌اَت و تئیی بِلڈنگۓ دێما اۆشتاتگ‌اَت. تان دێران. و بانُکا گوَشتگ‌اَت که هَشتا و رند اۆدا باید مه‌اۆشتیت. گُڑا بَسے گپتگ‌اَتی و کُمپێس والا جاگها ردیۓ سرا اێر کپتگ‌اَت، ...

Sameer Mehrab

A withdrawn man

I first met Sajid Hussain in my hometown of Tump, a small insignificant place in the middle of nowhere in Balochistan. I can’t remember the year, but it was sometime in the late 90s or early 2000s. His cousin Asif Baloch, who was a student political activist, proudly introduced him: “Meet Sajid. He is a ...

Mureed Baloch

Hope you like it, Sajid

First of all, this is messed up. There’s no other way to put it: Sajid Hussain has suddenly vanished. Where to? Nobody knows. Not even the otherwise proficient Swedish Police say they have a clue. What is going on? Where is Sajid Hussain? For a people who is used to having people go missing and ...

News Desk

Family says too early to accuse anyone in Sajid Hussain case

Family members of Sajid Hussain, who has been missing in Sweden since March 2, have said they are not yet accusing anyone in his disappearance case. According to them, it is an uncertain time for them and while they are thankful for the media coverage of the case, they are concerned about some speculative reports. ...

Naimat Haider

Since our friend is missing

What I’m doing here is not right. How could I be writing about the disappearance of the man who took special interest in how best to portray the Baloch missing persons’ cases? About the man who once said the dead did not haunt him as much as the missing did? That too on his own ...

 ہما اہوالکار کہ وردیانی ٹھیکہ دار جوڑ بوت

اے نبشتانک ساجد حسین ءُ تاج بلوچ ءَ چہ نامداریں ناول نویس ءُ اہوالکار محمد حنیف ءِ انگریزی کتابے ءَ رجانک کُتگ۔ کتاب ءِ اے دگہ بہر یک یک ءَ بلوچستان ٹائمز ءَ شِنگ کَنگ بنت۔  محمد بلال مینگل نوشکی ءَ بے مُزّ ءَ کارکنوکیں اہوالکارے۔ آ، آزادی نامیں ہالتاکے ءِ رپورٹرے کہ چہ کوئٹہ، ...

Internet photo

سائیکل ءِ سر ءِ ورنا

اے نبشتانک چہ نامداریں اہوالکار ءُ ناول نویس محمد حنیف ءِ انگریزی کتاب ءَ تاج بلوچ ءُ ساجد حسین ءَ رجانک کُتگ۔ اے کتاب بیگواہیں بلوچانی سرا انت۔ اشی ءِ پش کپتگیں بہر یک یک ءَ بلوچستان ٹائمز ءَ شنگ کنگ بنت۔ چہ سریاب روڑ کوئٹہ ءَ بیگواہ بوگا شش سال رند پولیس ءَ حافظ ...

Sajid Hussain

بلوچانی شیکسپیر ءُ شیکسپیر ءِ ہیملٹ

بلوچانی تہا شیکسپیر ءِ نامداری ءَ منی سَر ہچ پِر نبیت۔ باز سال ءَ پیسر، مند ءَ دیوانے ءِ تہا مالداریں کماشے وَشگپّی کنگا ات کہ شیکسپیر بُن اسل ءَ بلوچے ءُ آئی ءِ نام شئے پیر بکش بوتگ۔ آ لانچے ءَ کپتگ ءُ یورپ ءَ شُتگ۔ چو کہ یورپیانی دپ ءَ آئی ءِ نام شّری ءَ نیاتکگ پمیشکا آ شیکسپیر ءَ نام کپتگ (اگں مں بے ہیال نیاں محمد حسین عنقا ءَ ہم انچیں پَدنَبودیں گپّے کُتگ)۔