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Family says too early to accuse anyone in Sajid Hussain case

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Family members of Sajid Hussain, who has been missing in Sweden since March 2, have said they are not yet accusing anyone in his disappearance case. According to them, it is an uncertain time for them and while they are thankful for the media coverage of the case, they are concerned about some speculative reports.

“We want to clarify that we are not accusing anyone as yet,” Shehnaz Sajid told the Balochistan Times. “I request the media and his readers to avoid speculation. It is the responsibility of the Swedish authorities to investigate the matter and find him.”

She added that they have been exploring every possibility but could not be sure as no evidence has been shared with them so far. “Our sole purpose to bring this matter to the public was to make his readers aware of the situation.”

Sajid Hussain is a senior journalist and the Chief Editor of this magazine. He went missing from Uppasala, Sweden. The matter is with the police.

His brother Wajid Hussain said Swedish journalists and the NGOs have been in contact with them and are trying their best to help find Sajid Hussain. “We just have concerns about the way the police have been dealing with the case,” he said. “They are invasive and inactive. We hope that they will take the matter more seriously going forward,” he added. According to him, Sweden is a country where rule of law is respected and they remain hopeful.

However, Wajid urged that people on social media should also refrain from speculation. “Without solid evidence, it’s unwise and unethical to accuse any one.”

Shehnaz has requested from people to respect their privacy at this uncertain situation as any unsubstantiated allegations and speculations would not only jeopardise Sajid’s personal safety but would also compromise his integrity as a professional journalist.

“But, we are very thankful to the journalist community, activists, Sajid’s friends and organisations where he has worked for standing by us in these very difficult times,” she said.

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