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Ali Jan Daad

اے کوٹیءَ کس مان نیست۔۔۔ علی جان داد ءِ لچہ

بس لہتے ہورک ءُ ہالیگیں شیشگ شکون دیم کپتگاں لہتے گلاساں پرشتگیں روتاک ءِ کوْہنیں تاک ماں پاٹ ءِ سرا چندے کتاباں کہ رمیزاں گپتگاں تندے پتاتگ موکواں ہر نیمگ ءَ کلّیں ندارگ مرتگاں نیم ستکگیں موم بتیاں ارمان نیست اے کوٹیءَ کس مان نیست

Fazal Baloch

Gul Khan Naseer: Revolutionary Baloch poet

Born in 1914, at Nushki, Balochistan, Gul Khan made his first appearance in the realm of literature in the early 1940s during the heyday of the Progressive Movement. He was among the few progressive Balochi writers who stayed committed with the ideology of the movement till their last breath. Initially, he used Urdu as the ...

News Desk

Sayad Zahoor Shah Hashmi: A one-man institution

Author: Abbas Jalbani Balochi literature is very rich in oral tradition but comparatively poor in the printed text. It was only in the early twentieth century that Balochi began to be transcribed in books. Under such trying conditions, it wasn’t easy for anyone to devote his entire life to the promotion of Balochi literature. Sayad ...

Sajid Hussain

Atta Shad: the architect of modern Balochi poetry

Atta Shad is considered the architect of modern symbolic Balochi poetry. Born in 1939 in Singanisar, a small village in Balochistan’s border district of Turbat, he was named by his parents as Mohammed Ishaq. However, there was another student of the same in his class, and his teacher changed his name to Atta Mohammed in ...