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نجمه دلسردءِ کسّه آسر بوت؟

واجه دلسرد گیشکئورءِ نندوکے. گَریبیں مردمے. پات ءُ پیشّ کنت ءُ وتی زندا تیلانک دنت. دلسردءِ کَسانسالیں جنِکّءِ نام نَجمه اَت. نَجمهءَ باجی بئیَگءِ شئوک اَت، انچو که مئے گیشتر جنِکُّکءَ اے شئوک بیت. واجه دلسردءَ وتی لوگءَ دو کَسانیں ٹوپّو دات که نجمه‌اِش وتی کلاس روم بکنت. نجمهءَ هر روچ وتا شئوک شئوک کُت ...

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گُلزار اِمام کئے اِنت

بلوچ نیشنل آرمیءَ جار جتگ که ”لهتیں وهد اِنت مئے کمانڈَر گُلزار اِمام بیگواه اِنت. گَلءِ جارچین مُرید بلوچءَ وتی بئیانےءِ تها اے هبر کرتگ‌اَنت ءُ گوَشتگ ئِے که ما گُلزار اِمامءِ بیگواهیءِ هبرءِ تهکیک کرتگ ءُ ما سهی ایں که گُلزار پاکستانءِ چیریں ادارهانی هراستءَ اِنت.“ چه پاکستانءِ نیمَگا انگته اے دابیں هِچ گپّے ...

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یوسف مَستی خان: اُصولی سیاستءِ کَلاتے پرُشت

یوسف مستی خان بلوچ سیاستدانانی هما لڑءِ مردمے اَت که چه برطانیهءِ لڈّگا رند پیدا بوتگ اَنت ءُ نوکیں راجدوستی سیاستءِ راه اِش آکوشته. بلوچستان که په نُه ماهءَ آزازدیں مُلکے بوته، آ وهدا آزادیں بلوچستانءِ سفارتخانه، کراچیءَ مَستی خان هانَدانءِ لوگ بوته. آ زمانَگءَ بلوچ واننده سَک کَم بوتگ. تهنا سیر ءُ اَزگاریں مردماں ...

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Friends campaign for abducted students’ release as Baloch harassment continues

Friends of two Baloch students of Philosophy at Karachi University, abducted by the security forces, have been campaigning for their release. Doda Elahi and Ghamshad Baloch from Balochistan’s district Kech were picked up from Maskan Chowrangi, Karachi, on Tuesday. Doda and Ghamshad “have been forcefully detained from their home,” read a poster at Karachi University ...

Sajid Hussain

Women, children and family members of Abdul Razzaq Baloch, who had been missing since March, hold a banner and posters during a protest outside Karachi Press Club June 4, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer/Files

Replug: The evolution of a dead body

Twenty years old and hoping to become a writer, I was eager to meet anyone who was somehow associated with literature. So I met a guy.  In 2002. A mutual literary friend took me to this man’s small apartment in Lyari where he lived with a very large family. He had translated an Urdu book, ...

Sajid Hussain

Replug: The endangered species of ruined Balochistan

I once tasted houbara bustard meat. In March 2015. At an influential royal Abu Dhabi sheikh’s palace. Actually, at the palace’s servant quarters. Pakistani passport doesn’t suit me. I’ve lost two of them as of yet. After applying for a new passport at the Pakistan embassy in Abu Dhabi, I was asked by a friend ...

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میر جُمّعه خان: بلۆچ آجۆییئے سرۆکے بێران بوت

گْوَستگێں رۆچا بلۆچ راجی جُنزئے دگه یک سَرۆکے، واجه میر جُمّعه خان بلۆچا اے کوڑهێں اِمرۆز یله دات. نۆزدَه سَد و پَنجاهئے زَمانَگا که واجه کَراچیا وانَگا بیت، هما زَمانَگا بلۆچ مهلوکئے بزّگی و بلۆچستانئے سَرا بئیۆکێں زُلم و جَبرا، واجه جُمّعه خان، سیاستئے نێمَگا بُرت وتی نۆدَربَریئے زَمانَگا، کراچیا وهدے پاکستانئے سَرکار، اێرانئے باگی، ...

Abdullah Abbas

Saeed's mother buys new shoes and clothes for him before every Eid in the hope that her son, abducted by security forces in 2013, would be released.

The tragic fate of a Baloch missing persons family

After much effort, Saeed Ahmed and Hafiz Abdullah received approval from their superiors to take the weekend off. Cousins Saeed and Hafiz served in Balochistan Levies, a law enforcement force in the rural areas with its origins back in the days of the British raj. Their last day at work, August 29, 2013, was also ...