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Sajid Hussain

Sajid Hussain is a journalist. He has worked for The News International, Daily Times and contributed for the Reuters news agency. He also writes fiction and literary articles.

Military, Baloch militants suffer losses in day-long fight

In a fierce fight between Baloch militants and Pakistan’s military forces on Tuesday in Balochistan’s Dasht area, both sides suffered multiple casualties. A number of civilians were also reportedly killed, including a young girl, Samreen Baloch daughter of Fida Hussain, as a result of shelling by military helicopters. According to …

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بی۔ایس۔او ءَ ڈنّ ءَ دراہگ ءُ کار کنگ ءِ فیصلہ زُرتہ: کریمہ بلوچ

کریمہ بلوچ بی۔ایس۔او ءِ اولی جنینیں کارمستر انت۔ زاہد بلوچ ءِ بیگواہی ءَ پد بی۔ایس۔او (آزاد) ءِ رہشونی ءِ زمہ واری کریمہ ءِ کوپگاں کئیت۔ ہمے زیتاں بی۔ایس۔او ءِ کونسل سیشن ءَ آ چئیرپرسن گچین کنگ بیت۔ نومبر ءِ ماہ ءِ 27 تاریخ ءَ آ کینیڈا ءَ روت ءُ آئی …

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بہار زہری ءِ غزلے

سُد برگشتہ بے تو یار بچار زندگی اچ منا شزار  بچار تو چو روباھے ءَ نبا بہ مرئے مل مڑیں اھد ءِ نرمزار بچار تپلے ءَ چو تئی کُٹّ ءَ واب کپاں بس تو گُلگاں منی سمار بچار درچکُکے بانڈمے من ءُ بیگھا چینچو گرانیں تئی انتزار بچار کیپ دریا …

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Dr Allah Nazar makes dramatic comeback

  In a dramatic comeback, Baloch rebel leader Dr Allah Nazar comes out of the dead to rubbish the Pakistan army’s claims that they had killed him months ago in a military operation in Balochistan’s Mashkay area. In a video released by the Balochistan Liberation Front, which he leads, he …

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Baloch writers get death threats for ‘blasphemy’

A man claiming to be representing Tehrik e Taliban Afghanistan has threatened to kill two Balochi writers if they were confirmed to be running an anonymous Facebook account which is “posting blasphemous images and content.” The concerned Balochi writers are Dr Naguman and Dr Hanif Sharif, both well-known in Balochistan …

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