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Sajid Hussain

Sajid Hussain is a journalist and writer. He is the Editor of Balochistan Times. He has previously worked for The News International, Daily Times and contributed for the Reuters news agency. He receives emails at [email protected] and tweets @sajidbaluch.

Numbers, tragedies, headlines

Currently, I supervise ten trailer trucks in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. But five years back, I was a journalist with a promising future. I led a team of over 50 reporters, sub-editors and other non-editorial staff at The News International, a newspaper that touts itself to be Pakistan’s largest circulated …

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The bookman goes missing

I would never be able to believe that he read all the books he bought. He bought them in dozens. Not once in a month. Almost every week. “Where can I find Kafka’s collection of short stories in Urdu?” And he would guide me to a bookshop in Karachi’s Urdu …

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منیر ءِ شعر چوں مانا دینت

منیر مومن چہ ہما کمّیں شاعران انت کہ وتی زند ءَ پہ وت رندگیرانی رُمبے جوڑئےِ کُتہ۔ مرچی گیشتریں شاعری منیر ءِ داب ءَ پِر بندگ بوگا انت۔ لہتیں گُشیت کہ مارا پہر بندگ لوٹیت کہ ما مُنیر ءِ اہد ءَ زندگ ایں۔ ناگمان ءَ بلوچی ءِ مستریں شاعر گُشتہ، چہ …

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More about the land of Baloch jinns and fairies

“You look exactly like your father,” one of the relatives told the older daughter of Wahid Qambar, a veteran of the 1970s insurgency who organized the current armed resistance in the Makran region, which hadn’t participated in the previous four Baloch rebellions since Balochistan’s amalgamation with Pakistan in 1948. We, …

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چوش مہ بوتیں

ساہجی ءَ پنچ بلوچانی مَرگ ءَ بلوچ سیاست سر ءُ چیر کُتہ۔ ہبر باز بوگا انت، لہتیں پہ دپ ءِ وشّی ءَ، لہتیں پہ مودگ ءُ لہتیں پہ سیاسی ہُنر ءُ ہیلہ۔ ہبر چِداں پاد اَتک کہ 15 مئی 2016 ءَ بلوچ ریپیبلکن آرمی ءَ پنچ بلوچ کہ کسانیں سرکاری روڑ …

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ساہیجی ءِ شہید چینچُک انت؟

ہمے بلوچ سلاہ بنداں کہ ساہیجی ءِ تہا فوج ءِ انگّراں بوتگ انت، زانتگ کہ اے راہ کہ ما پہ وت دوست کُتگ اشی ءِ تہا مَرگ راہ ءِ سرا اوشتاتگ۔ قدیر بلوچ کہ فوج ءِ دست ءَ شہید بوتگ، آ شہادت ءِ واستا ساڑی بوتگ۔ بلوچ سلاہ بندیں جہدکاراں …

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‘Mother’s womb’ of Baloch militants under siege

A six-year-old girl has died in a small village of Balochistan called Zarren Bug. On Thursday morning, Sangeen, daughter of Mohammad Umer, died all out of sudden. She didn’t have any medical history. Five kilometers away from her small village, a fierce battle is raging between the Pakistan army and …

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This short poem by Munir Momen has been translated from Balochi by Sajid Hussain   When the man is born He does only one thing Cutting off time with a scissor Everyone’s surrounding is piled up with the pieces of time But my pile has been blown away by the …

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