Sajid Hussain

اہوالے گوں تاج بلوچ ءَ

تاج بلوچ زبانزاتے ، شاءِرے ءُ سیاسی جہدکارے ہم۔ ما گوْنائی ءَ پہ بلوچستان ٹائمز ءِ اولی ریڈیو پروگرام ءِ واستا اے سرہالانی سرا ترْان کتہ۔

مارا وتی سر ءُ سوجاں الّم دیم بدئیت۔

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Sajid Hussain (1981-2020) was a writer and senior journalist from Balochistan. He had a degree in Economics, International Relations and English Literature from Karachi University. He had the experience of working with Pakistani newspapers Daily Times and The News International. Sajid Hussain was also the founding editor of this online magazine.

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