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Farhad Baloch

Patriarchy in the Baloch liberation movement

The Baloch liberation movement, a complex and enduring struggle for autonomy and justice, has long been revered for its resilience and commitment. However, beneath its noble objectives lies a disturbing truth: the prevalence of a deeply entrenched patriarchal structure and mentality within its core organizations. One cannot help but notice that the parties advocating for ...

News Desk

More than 50 killed in Mastung suicide blast

In the region of Mastung in Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, a tragic suicide attack occurred at a gathering commemorating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed. This heinous incident has resulted in the loss of more than 50 lives, as reported by both national and international media. As of now, law enforcement officials have ...

Zamur Baloch

سُمیّه ءُ منی مات

من که اَتکاں، تا لۆگءِ پێژگاهءَ دیوان ءُ مجلس اِنت. مات نِشتگ ءُ گُدءِ دۆچَگا اِنت. من ھال دات که کێچءَ وَتکُش هملهے بوته. ءُ اے هم، که همله جنکّےءَ کته. دُرس هئیران بوتنت. هامۆش. تُکّ ءُ نُکّ. منی چَمّ ماتءَ سَکّ اَتنت.منی مات مێتگےءَ پێدا بوتگ ءُ مێتگءَ رُسته. مردێنءِ بالادستیءِ هر شکلے که ...