Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sameer Mehrab

Sameer Mehrab is a writer and co-founder of Balochistan Times. He often depicts Balochistan's socio-political dilemmas in his fiction and poetry. He is based in Canada.

Prisoners of darkness

In times my cell is darker than a womb but lack the warmth of it. It’s cold – soul-clenching cold.   I look at the vertical scratches...

Escape in numbness

I’m numb as wood And I can’t feel a thing No matter how much sex I have, Or drink like a fish, Or smoke like a Victorian chimney, I...

Rushdie’s ‘Shame’ depicts Baloch genocide and Pakistan’s evils

Salman Rushdie is best known in the Muslim world for his less-read controversial book Satanic Verses, and in literary world, for Midnight’s Children which...

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