Sameer Mehrab

The day we left

The day we left

We left a full moon behind

On a pitch-black sky

Highlighting the farthest stars and the whole Milky Way and beyond

Sprinkled over the wildness of darkness like snow


The day we left

We left few more things behind

The remains of an old fort

Been there since the beginning of time

Watching over the town

Overlooking tall palm trees reaching the sky

And shaking their heads with gentle breeze

Giving away the thoughts of the ages they have seen

The old fort and palm trees both kept their heads up

Knowing the lightning will strike them first


The day we left

The moon was full and the sky pitch-black

Full of stars

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Sameer Mehrab is a writer and co-founder of Balochistan Times. He often depicts Balochistan's socio-political dilemmas in his fiction and poetry. He is based in Canada.

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