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Ghaus Bahar

Ghaws Bahar was born on 8 March 1954, in Ormarah (pronounced Órmárhah), Balochistan. After finishing his BA, he began working as a civil servant. Soon, however, Balochi language and literature became his main interest in life, and he later also became active in Baloch civil rights and politics. Ghaws Bahar was an active member of the Baloch National Movement. Due to his political activities he had to leave Pakistan and hide in the western part of Balochistan. After some years in Iran, he was diagnosed with cancer and he returned to Ormarah for treatment. The treatment was not successful, and he passed away on 8 August 2018. Ghaws Bahar was a poet and short story writer. He also did translations from Urdu into Balochi. He was a member of the Balochi Academy in Quetta, where most of his books were published. Ghaws Bahar engaged with societal issues not only as a political activist but also as a storyteller, narrating in a social realist style the true tale of the hardships of his people and his homeland. Similarly, he wanted to convey a message of unity and he often criticised disunity among his people in his literary works. Moreover, being a poet, he had a poetic way of storytelling.

Órmárhah 2030á

Tirmáhi róch, déh o baláháni máhá bist at o Sayshambehay digaray wahd at. Órmárhah jambarchakkén bazén nódán wati bazén bikkáni sáhegá mán póshetagat. Nód...

اۆرماڑَه 2030آ

تیرماهی رۆچ، دێه و بَلاهانی ماها بیست اَت و سئیشَمبِهئے دیگرئے وهد اَت. اۆرماڑه جمبَرچَکّێں بزێں نۆداں وتی بزێں بیکّانی ساهگا مان پۆشتگ‌اَت. نۆد...

Ormarah, 2030

(Translated into English by Noroz Hayat and Carina Jahani) It was a hot summer day, the twentieth of the month of Tir, a Tuesday evening....

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