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تربتءِ اهتجاجءِ اَرزشت

دَهے رۆچ اِنت که کێچءِ مزن‌شهر ترُبتءَ هزاراں مردم اهتجاجےءَ نِشته. اے اهتجاج، هما وهدا شرو بوت که بالاچِ مولا بخش سرکاری لشکرا کُشت ءُ بالاچءِ لۆگءِ مردماں لاش کَبر ءُ کَسارت کنگءِ بدلءَ تابوتےءَ کت ءُ تربتءِ چؤکءِ سرا نِشتنت که ما اِنساپ لۆٹێں. بالاچ 21 اکتوبرءِ شپءَ پؤجءَ چه لۆگءَ گِپت ءُ بُرت، ...

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Scars on our collective memory

In recent weeks, we have seen horrific scenes of pain, hopelessness and death on our social media timelines. We witnessed people collecting body parts of young men who had been bombed to pieces, and we saw images of grieving mothers, hands reaching towards the skies, mourning next to the coffins of their sons. Many Pakistanis might assume ...