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Sajid Hussain

Ali Haider: the trolley boy gets to join his missing father

The once-famous 11-year-old boy carrying a single-wheel trolley during the historic Long March to find his missing father is now a 16-year-old young man – an age which makes him almost eligible to go missing himself. And he did. On Sunday. Ali Haider –the remarkably poised boy usually wearing an intense look and a flat ...

Lateef Johar

Eight-year-old Bohair. He was eight months old when his father was taken away by the military.

The tragic story of a Baloch family from the ‘town of mass graves’

On Feb 18, 2019, online Baloch activists shared a picture of a smiling eight-year-old child with a caption that read that Bohair was an eight-month-old infant when his father, Atiq Ur Rahman, was abducted by Pakistan military and he is still missing. Atiq was taken away during a late-night raid on his house in Khuzda’r ...