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Rayhaan Baloch

Qazi lights up a cigarette

Qasum Faraz wrote this poem on the incarceration of Mubarak Qazi, a star Balochi poet. Rayhaan Baloch has translated it into English. Seated on the same bench, Qazi and I. Far in the sky, Like the colourful flag of your Khan, Ahmed Yar**, The blue patches of clouds, Appear in one moment and vanish in the ...

Rayhaan Baloch


This poem by Manzoor Bismil has been translated from Balochi.   I’m the aging Ganjul Wife of missing Jangiyan Mother of poor Sartu. I know not What ails Sartu Can’t point finger at his malaise Perhaps witched by a sorcerer Or victim of an evil eye Otherwise How could the loving son of a vivacious ...