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Nodan Baloch

Lala Noor Ahmad: the silent martyr

When I was the Senior Joint Secretary of the Baloch Students Organization-Hai (BSO-Hai), I had to visit the Makran region for an organizational tour. I first travelled from Quetta to Turbat on a passenger coach where I called a meeting of the Senior Body of the BSO at the Turbat college hostel. My second stop ...

Nodan Baloch

War profiteers of Balochistan

I first heard the term ‘war profiteer’ when I was in the fourth class. Our teacher would use it in the context of Afghanistan insurgents and Pakistani generals after Afghanistan lost its buffer zone status in the aftermath of the interference of former Soviet Union during the regime of Hafizullah Amin. Pakistani generals like Akhtar ...

Nodan Baloch

Understanding Baloch society key to success

Balochistan means the land of the Baloch, the inhabitants and owners of this mineral-rich land. Yet they are downtrodden and are far behind as compared to the Punjabis, Pakistan’s upper-hand nation. Very few scholars have researched and written about the history of the Baloch nation. Some of them believe that the Baloch is an Aryan ...

Nodan Baloch

Baloch militant organization Balochistan Liberation Front has boycotted the Pakistani media for siding with the military establishment.

World is a global tent but Baloch are being kept out

In the era of the social and electronic media, privacy has become a problem even for heads of world powers like the chancellor of Germany or the prime ministers of France and the UK. Unfortunately, in the Third World, the media is still dictated by the establishment. It also suffers from self-censorship due to the ...