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Farah Naz Baloch

Panjgur Bus Incident: Who is to blame?

On January 21st, a passenger bus enroute to Panjgur collided with an oil tanker resulting in the tragic loss of 26 people and leaving another 16 injured. The awful incident in Bela brought serious tragedy to the people of Balochistan, especially Panjgur. The fire spread rapidly causing more people to die . The incident stunned ...

Farah Naz Baloch

Diverse people

Cultural discrimination at education institutions

One of the main issues that is affecting the social, political, economic, geographical and educational career of learners is cultural discrimination. Cultural discrimination has been often identified as a barrier that affects the treatment and ultimately the success of learners in educational institutions. Culture discrimination results from social stereotyping and leads to poor communication and ...

Farah Naz Baloch

Identification of women in our society

While living in a patriarchal society the identification of women is questionable. No justice can be found regarding gender issues as from the very beginning woman is made as the ‘other’ to man, and man has been the subject to the object (woman) A French writer, Simon de Beauvoir, in her book The Second Sex, ...