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Noor Ahmad: The Master, The Uncle is no more

He was devastated after coming across the Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of a starving Sudanese child and a vulture waiting in the background to feed on her body in case she died. “With all the riches of the world, with all the power the mankind has achieved, how come we …

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CPEC: A game changer or a disaster?

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a project of USD 60 billion, is being dubbed as a game changer for the economic development of Pakistan. In political rhetoric, both in the higher-ups of civil and military establishment, the project is being portrayed and boasted as a source of prosperity for the …

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After I knew I was a Zigri

“Barr e Kaheer has been set on fire,” a neighbor broke into our house, sweating from head to toe, to inform my mother. The guy who brought the news had been long gone. Yet, my mom stood static like a statue with a look I had never seen on her …

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