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Dr. Zaffar Baloch is a Toronto-based political activist who has been associated with the progressive and democratic movement against Pakistan’s military establishment. His focus of activism in Canada is raising human rights abuses in Balochistan such as enforced disappearances of Baloch activists by Pakistani security forces, advocacy for victims of torture and the rights of religious minorities. He is affiliated with the Baloch National Movement and the struggle for an independent Balochistan. He tweets at @ZaffarBaloch


Meaning to life is an illusion followed by the multitude, a madding crowd. Blessed are those who are blinded with ignorance for they keep running towards the dark abyss, relentlessly. And yet, among us walk the ones who know. They dare not stop and doubt for the fear of being …

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The wailing wall

I am the wailing wall In my cracks and clefts Lay the sorrows of ages In my stones Lives man and his loneliness I am the wailing wall Come to me Sit down and empty yourself I am a sponge In me I behold the flood Of human miseries I …

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Lahoot La’makaan

All places holy Remind me How lonely I am How lonely I’ve been All these years, For millenniums. Out of me, Grew temples and tombs, The weeds of my soul. Now taller than me, Blocking the sun. My existence is a pilgrimage, From nowhere to nowhere.   * Lahoot La’makaan …

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