Zaffar Baloch

The wailing wall

I am the wailing wall

In my cracks and clefts

Lay the sorrows of ages

In my stones

Lives man and his loneliness

I am the wailing wall

Come to me

Sit down and empty yourself

I am a sponge

In me I behold the flood

Of human miseries

I have seen man

In his nakedness

It was me on the cross

In human form

Dragged through the streets

Carrying your sins on my back

You love me

Only when I’m a wall

A silent listener

Yes I’m your wailing wall

Come to me

In me dwells

Your lonely God.

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Dr. Zaffar Baloch is a Toronto-based political activist who has been associated with the progressive and democratic movement against Pakistan’s military establishment. His focus of activism in Canada is raising human rights abuses in Balochistan such as enforced disappearances of Baloch activists by Pakistani security forces, advocacy for victims of torture and the rights of religious minorities. He is affiliated with the Baloch National Movement and the struggle for an independent Balochistan. He tweets at @ZaffarBaloch

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