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Sajid Hussain

Sajid Hussain is a journalist and writer. He is the Editor of Balochistan Times. He has previously worked for The News International, Daily Times and contributed for the Reuters news agency. He receives emails at sajidhbaloch@gmail.com and tweets @sajidbaluch.

چوش مہ بوتیں

ساہجی ءَ پنچ بلوچانی مَرگ ءَ بلوچ سیاست سر ءُ چیر کُتہ۔ ہبر باز بوگا انت، لہتیں پہ دپ ءِ وشّی ءَ، لہتیں پہ مودگ ءُ لہتیں پہ سیاسی ہُنر ءُ ہیلہ۔ ہبر چِداں پاد اَتک کہ 15 مئی 2016 ءَ بلوچ ریپیبلکن آرمی ءَ پنچ بلوچ کہ کسانیں سرکاری روڑ …

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ساہیجی ءِ شہید چینچُک انت؟

ہمے بلوچ سلاہ بنداں کہ ساہیجی ءِ تہا فوج ءِ انگّراں بوتگ انت، زانتگ کہ اے راہ کہ ما پہ وت دوست کُتگ اشی ءِ تہا مَرگ راہ ءِ سرا اوشتاتگ۔ قدیر بلوچ کہ فوج ءِ دست ءَ شہید بوتگ، آ شہادت ءِ واستا ساڑی بوتگ۔ بلوچ سلاہ بندیں جہدکاراں …

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‘Mother’s womb’ of Baloch militants under siege

A six-year-old girl has died in a small village of Balochistan called Zarren Bug. On Thursday morning, Sangeen, daughter of Mohammad Umer, died all out of sudden. She didn’t have any medical history. Five kilometers away from her small village, a fierce battle is raging between the Pakistan army and …

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This short poem by Munir Momen has been translated from Balochi by Sajid Hussain   When the man is born He does only one thing Cutting off time with a scissor Everyone’s surrounding is piled up with the pieces of time But my pile has been blown away by the …

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The evolution of a dead body

Twenty years old and brimming with the passion of becoming a writer, I was eager to meet anyone who had something to do with literature. So I met a guy.  In 2002. A literary friend of mine took me to this guy’s small apartment in Lyari where he lived with …

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The endangered species of ruined Balochistan

I once tasted houbara bustard meat. In March 2015. At an influential royal Abu Dhabi sheikh’s palace. Actually, at the palace’s servant quarters. Pakistani passport doesn’t suit me. I’ve lost two of them as of yet. After applying for a new passport at the Pakistan embassy in Abu Dhabi, I …

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Veteran Baloch militant leader Bangulzai not dead

Veteran Baloch militant leader Abdul Nabi Bangulzai is alive and “sitting with me right now sipping from his tea”, a source in the United Baloch Army, a militant group Bangulzai purportedly leads, told Balochistan Times on Sunday. Home Minister Balochistan Sarfaraz Bugti claimed the previous day in a press conference …

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