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A political advice: Don’t be yourself

Ideologies do change human behaviour and the way we think. As a matter of fact, it sometimes changes your entire standpoint about relevant things and subject matters. You stop thinking out of the box, everything is emotion-derived and narrative-prescribed. It’s like being a Jihadi with a little more brain. Because …

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Stay put Time

Stay put Time Thee move too much! Sometimes I wonder what is time made of When I was a child everyone said time never waits I always wondered why won’t it wait When I grew more Time kept ageing But never grew old I have never met Time But all …

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The evolution of Baloch social media

  Like every morning, I woke up with half an eye open and a hand crawling under the blanket looking for the phone. Time check, news check, Twitter check, and scroll down to unread texts. Before I could realize I was reading a random article on how human bodies are …

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