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A political advice: Don’t be yourself

Ideologies do change human behaviour and the way we think. As a matter of fact, it sometimes changes your entire standpoint about relevant things and subject matters.

You stop thinking out of the box, everything is emotion-derived and narrative-prescribed. It’s like being a Jihadi with a little more brain. Because when things don’t make sense, you figure an intellectual hideout within the box. It’s always the same people with the same theories you go to.

So how has the nationalist ideology refined the modern dynamics of Baloch politics?

That’s a hard one, but to have an idea, we’ll have to examine the current configuration of the Baloch political cadres and the commonly accepted, normal abnormalities in the movement.

They basically come in different shapes, forms and sizes. The packaging depends on the party a cadre belongs to. Older ones tend to be more relaxed, communicative and lazy while younger ones come with no patience and ears.

In a perfect world, Baloch politics should’ve been in its most mature stage given the decades of political experiments in the homeland’s contemporary history. But it seems the cadres have a better plan to milk the previous experiences, that is to make sense of the obvious nonsense; mixing everything with everything.

Before moving forward, it is important to understand and accept a few realities in today’s cause activism. Repeat along: the world does not care, morality does not exist in politics and social media does not produce countries.

Baloch cadres seem to understand the opposite. An average cadre starts and ends his day on the internet circling around the same course he has been programmed to. You’ll hardly find the trend of reasoning in arguments let alone agreeing on disagreements.

Nobody reads nothing. And those who read, read decades-old outdated leftist stuff and hope the capitalists will save them from the hell. Others think Twitter provides enough knowledge for the day to continue the next. Everyone is living in a bubble, including the trend-setting leaders who have confined the movement’s success to only what could trend on the social media.

Simply put, the shrinking world has definitely changed in recent years with nations fed-up of hearing about war, violence and human rights. In such, what do the Baloch leaders have to offer the world and why should the world listen in the first place?

What’s happening now is actually not working. And to keep doing what is not working is a waste of cause. It will only burn out the cadres and make supporters lose more hope. There is an immediate need that the leaders make up their minds whether they are serious in creating a country or simply confuse themselves.

Because things seem insanely crazy. It’s like a crazy man walking in front of a moving bus. Ever seen a crazy man walking in front of a moving bus? You’d never see a crazy man walking in front of a moving bus.

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