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Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur is a regular commenter on Balochistan. He has been associated with Baloch politics since 1970s.

A slow motion Chernobyl disaster

Coal is an unforgiving servant as it exacts its proverbial ‘pound of flesh’ from its masters. To begin with, mined coal needs to be washed of impurities which produce a fantastic amount of coal sludge (slurry) that in turn needs a dam for storage. This sludge contains mercury, arsenic, beryllium, …

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Balochistan and March 27

The present situation in Balochistan is critical in the political context which is naturally overshadowed by an armed conflict that has ebbed and flowed in different periods but never seen a complete victory of either side. This situation has now become critical as both sides struggle hard for political and …

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A thin red line

Revolutionary struggles demand of its proponents, leaders and supporters that if anyone assumes authority in the name of the people it also means that he or they are answerable to people and cannot act arbitrarily by making peoples’ will the excuse for the use or misuse of that authority. No …

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Is nationalism fascism?

Recently the ‘Sindh Writers and Thinkers Forum’ in Karachi arranged a dialogue on ‘Internationalism and nationalism’’ after a debate in Sindh in which some people equated nationalism with fascism. I was invited by friends and I expressed my views and the piece below was the basis of my talk. A …

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