Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

‘O’ Gracious God

This is the English translation of Gul Khan Naseer’s Balochi poem ‘Ya Khuda Wanda’.


‘O’ Gracious God bestow the Baloch nation with people who are:

Sagacious, valiant, magnanimous, compassionate and courageous too

Their prudence and sagaciousness be more glorious than the brightest morns

Their evergreen wisdom be resplendently dazzling in magnificence and majesty

Their minds, thoughts and discernment, all free of fetters of obsolete concepts and norms

May they cheerfully smile and challenge the travails and torments enemy throws at them

May their acumen and deliberations be brighter than the most luminescent of the moons

And very unlike the royal sorts be their character, demeanor, sentiments and thoughts

Mighty fear should reign in their hearts for the powerless, weak and the destitute

But never an iota of the shameless fear which makes men bow before wanton Gods

‘O’ Gracious God may the Baloch Nation be eternally invincible, indomitable and steadfast

‘O’ Gracious God endow this Nation with likes of the men, of who I have so humbly asked.


Mir Gul Khan Naseer lived from 14 May 1914 to 6 December 1983. He was a poet, politician and a prolific historian.



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Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur is a regular commenter on Balochistan. He has been associated with Baloch politics since 1970s.

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