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Confident Brahmdagh takes strong stand on freedom struggle


Baloch leader Brahmdagh Bugti on Monday took a strong stand on Balochistan’s independence struggle, and asked Pakistani establishment to conduct a referendum under the UN’s supervision to find out what the Baloch nation wanted.

While talking to a Pakistani television channel, he said he was not ready for any talks when the Pakistani military was abducting Baloch women and children.

He said dozens of woman were abducted by the Pakistan military recently from the Bolan area.

It is for the first time that a Baloch leader has successfully raised the issue of abducted Baloch women on the mainstream Pakistani media.

The confident Baloch Republican Party chief appeared to have a reasonable answer for every testing question the anchor asked.

When asked about the fate of Dr Allah Nazar, he said it’s against the Baloch traditions for him to reveal anything about that. “But I wish him long life and success.”

Bugti said if the Pakistani establishment was in the misunderstanding that they can force “us for talks under the barrel of the gun, then let the fight continue”.

About talks with the government, he said he is ready to talk with anyone, “but the military operation in Balochistan should stop first”.

When asked whether he considered Pakistan his country and accepted its constitution, he said “no”.

The anchorperson asked him about the rumours that he had visited India. “Your Pakistanis even called your Mother of the Nation an Indian agent,” he replied. “You can to Switzerland and I’ll manage to show you my passport to prove whether I’ve been to India or not.”

However, he added that under the current circumstances when Pakistani is committing atrocities in Balochistan, the Baloch people will accept any help from anyone.

He also rubbished the rumours that he was returning to Pakistan.

The journalist claimed that most Baloch wanted to live in Pakistan and only Bugtis were engaged in sabotage activities. “I don’t only represent Bugtis or a single tribe. I talk about the whole Baloch nation. Makran is a non-tribal area. Who is running the freedom movement there?” Brahmdagh quipped.

He said the Baloch struggle has popular support from all over Balochistan.


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3 thoughts on “Confident Brahmdagh takes strong stand on freedom struggle”

  1. UNDER no circumstances their sacrifices be ignored & under estimated. After years of struggle; you may not be dragged into emotions &dderailed from the path of freedom of Balochistan. All incurring problems be solved through consultation & amicably; so that no loopholes be left for infiltration of misunderstanding among Baloch masses.

  2. Dear Brahmdag you are requested as not to isolate yourself from the mainstream of Freedom movement for which Dada has sacrificed himself & family members. SO far thousands of Bughti tribesmen are martyred & more than 300000men,wwomen and children displaced. Please under no circumstances


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