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Top Dubai official calls for free Balochistan in Iran

The Head of General Security for the Emirate of Dubai and former Dubai Police Force chief, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, has urged the Arab world to provide diplomatic support for a sovereign country for the Baloch in Iran.

imagesThe Lieutenant General took to Twitter to express his sympathy with the Baloch. He, however, remained tight-lipped about the Baloch issue in Pakistan.

The UAE and some other major Gulf countries see the Shia-dominated Iran as a major threat to their security. Their relations have hit a new low since the recent conflict in Yemen.

“We should not shy away from supporting the Baloch and the Ahwazis. They are our brothers,” he wrote on the social networking website.

He said the Arabs should help open embassies for the Baloch and Ahwazis of Iran.

“The Arabs must recognize the state of Ahwaz and the state of Balochistan …. and open embassies for them,” he said adding: “I acknowledge Balochistan as an independent state with its sovereignty on its territory.”

The former Dubai police chief said the “amount of agony suffered by the Baloch of Iran can even break mountains… Support them so they can attain their freedom… an independent state. The gallows which are used to execute the Baloch and the Ahwazis are the best witness.”

In a clear reference to Iran’s meddling in Arab countries like Yemen and Syria, he said Tehran supported “its allies”, so “we have to be as active as Iran or even more”.

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1 thought on “Top Dubai official calls for free Balochistan in Iran”

  1. The facist sheat regim of iran iskilling the innocent baloch.those who r just trying to feed their families by transporting the eatable and useable items from the border from the eastren and wesren balochistan.have been blame as drug smuglers and exicuting them .we apperciate our arab brothers for helping this helpless and defincless nation


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