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The Palestine in your own backyard

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The Pakistan army’s atrocities in Balochistan are as condemnable as Israel’s actions in Palestine. If you express solidarity with one oppressed group and remain silent about the other, you are a hypocrite.

The fervor displayed by Pakistani media, political figures, social activists, and celebrities in expressing support for Palestinians since October 7 has been evident. However, when it comes to the atrocities committed by Pakistan’s armed forces against the Baloch people, the same level of energy is noticeably absent. With a few exceptions, mainstream Pakistanis have shown selectivity in their conduct, casting doubts on the authenticity of their advocacy.

Advocating for justice abroad while remaining silent about injustices in Balochistan prompts reflection on whether some individuals are genuinely concerned about human rights or are using activism as a tool for political posturing on the international stage. This apparent double standard not only undermines their credibility as seekers of justice but also perpetuates the suffering of the Baloch people.

The fear of repercussions from the State may be a deterrent, but it also exposes the fragility of the supposed commitment to justice among Pakistanis. It also sheds light on a deeper issue: the unwillingness to confront uncomfortable truths within one’s backyard. The Baloch struggle, often overshadowed by geopolitical dynamics, remains a sensitive subject that many Pakistani leftist influencers appear reluctant to address.

Disparities in reporting also raise questions about the integrity of the Pakistani media. The relative silence on Balochistan suggests narrative manipulation that prioritizes external concerns over internal crises, making one ponder whether the media is indeed serving as a platform for unbiased information or merely as a tool for selective messaging.

In the pursuit of genuine solidarity and justice, the Pakistani mainstream must break free from the shackles of selective outrage and condemn the State’s highhandedness in Balochistan. The Baloch people’s struggle for autonomy and the army’s insistence on dealing with them using brute force deserve as much attention as any global cause.

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Farhad Baloch hails from Balochistan and is currently living in exile in Germany. Farhad is a feminist and anti-racist.

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