Munir Momen


زمانگ ہر شپ

منی تہنائیءَ دُژمانے دنت

ءُ چہ دریگءَ لِکّیت

بلے چہ شہرءَ ڈَنّ درکپت نہ کنت

سہبءَ چہ دُرساں پیش

گوں من دپ کپیت

وتی دژمانءُ منی تہنائیءَ شموشیت

منی ہمراہ

چہ دروازگءَ لوگءِ تہا پُتریت

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Munir Momen is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets of the Balochi language. His works has had a significant impact on Balochi poetry, inspiring many young poets to follow his footsteps. He has published nine anthologies of poems, one book of short stories, and a collection of non-fiction since he began writing poetry in 1980s. He is from Passini, Balochistan.

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