Fazal Baloch

The earth and the sea

This poem by Munir Momen has been translated from Balochi Fazal Baloch.


The sea,
A scrawled evidence of sails.
And the earth,
A song chanted by the wind
On the wedding of trees.

Every night,
You stay awake in the hope of the moment
When the wind falls asleep
And you’d turn all your yearnings into a bird
And let it fly.

To decipher the script of my thirst,
I’ve gulped down the flames of my lamps.
But I know,
The moment the sails come out of their slumber,
The sea will banish all its waves.
You know as well
The earth begins right from the spot
Where tired birds end their flight.

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Fazal Baloch teaches Urdu at Atta Shad Degree College, Turbat. He is the first regular translator of Balochi literature into English.

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