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Sajid Hussain

Military, Baloch militants suffer losses in day-long fight

In a fierce fight between Baloch militants and Pakistan’s military forces on Tuesday in Balochistan’s Dasht area, both sides suffered multiple casualties.

A number of civilians were also reportedly killed, including a young girl, Samreen Baloch daughter of Fida Hussain, as a result of shelling by military helicopters.

According to BT sources, the Baloch militants ambushed a three-vehicle military convoy in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The fight started in Dasht’s Mazan Band area and ended in Sorag Kaur. In some places, both sides exchanged fire in face-to-face battles.

After the ambush on the military convoy, helicopters were sent from the Turbat military camp. In the day-long battle which continued till the dark descended upon the area, at least two dozen military personnel and four Baloch militants were confirmed dead.

Both Balochistan Liberation Front and the Baloch Republican Army were engaged in the fight. Dad Jan and Sabir of the BLF and Jalal and Ghani of the BRA lost their lives.

Samreen Baloch
Samreen Baloch

Sources said multiple Baloch woman and civilians were also caught in the crossfire. But BT could only confirm the death of a young girl as a result of aerial shelling.

According to the latest reports, military vehicles and helicopters returned to the area on Wednesday morning.

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Sajid Hussain (1981-2020) was a writer and senior journalist from Balochistan. He had a degree in Economics, International Relations and English Literature from Karachi University. He had the experience of working with Pakistani newspapers Daily Times and The News International. Sajid Hussain was also the founding editor of this online magazine.

2 thoughts on “Military, Baloch militants suffer losses in day-long fight”

  1. The Baloch warriors have proved that nothing could deter them & defeat them in the battle field; despite the fact that the PakArmy were armed with most modern & sophisticated weapons; but defeated by Baloch Sarmachars in battle field Dasht valley; where Paki army’s ground forces supported by Hellicopter Gun Ships were defeated by the Baloch Liberation Fronts’ after a day long face to face confrontation with heavy loss of Paki soldiers and arms & ammunition. It was the darkness of the which provided them to escape &reteat. The Baloch Liberation Fronts have proved their worth to face & defeat a well trained Army and forced them to escape from the battle front. BLF & BRA’s 4 commandos laid their life & met martyrdom in this battle. LONG LIVE BALOCH ISTAN & Brave Sarmachars.


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