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Karima Baloch appears on BBC’s 100 women list

Karima Baloch, women

Baloch nationalist leader and the first woman Chairperson of the Baloch Students’ Organization, Karima Baloch, makes it to the prestigious list of BBC’s 100 women for 2016.

These women from across the globe have been chosen for their “inspirational and influential” work.

“The BBC has chosen its list of inspirational and influential women for 2016. They will bring you groundbreaking moments of defiance, new takes on fairy tales, stories of octogenarian cheerleading, and take you inside the world of e-gaming,” the BBC wrote on its website

Thirty-one-year-old Karima is the first-ever Baloch woman to make it to the list.

The BBC described her as a campaigner for “independence for Balochistan from Pakistan”.

“A national liberation movement without the participation of women is incomplete,” the Baloch leader told the British broadcaster.

She told BT that her inclusion in the reputed list would help add credibility to her campaign.

“This recognition will help in the sense that now our voice will be heard more seriously.”

When asked if her name on BBC’s list would inspire more Baloch women to participate in the politics, she said: “Baloch women are already very active in politics. I’ve seen their enthusiasm. Even elderly women, who have no formal education, are quite politically aware.”

Karima told BT Baloch women should not only take part in politics, they need to prove themselves in other fields.

“For example, they should become writers. Initially, they might face resistance from their family’s men, but eventually they’ll accept it.”


The link to BBC’s list can be found here.

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