Sameer Mehrab

I’ll meet you some day

I always believed

I’ll meet you some day

Like old friends

Or former lovers

Bumping into one another

In strange countries

At ordinary cafes

Where you were not supposed to go

Where you were not supposed to be

But somehow, someway

Our paths cross

And we meet for no apparent reason


Some call it fate

Some coincidence

But it happens

Like it rains on sunny days

I always believed in meeting you

Like a desert dweller thirsty for rain

Like someone awaiting sunshine on a rainy day

Like a shipwreck victim believing in fate to strike miracle

The same fate that struck him shipwrecked

And left him stranded on a lonely island

In a place which is nowhere

Nobody wants to be in a place called nowhere


I believe we will meet one of these days

With no apparent reason or cause

And all those years I have spent

Believing in the idea of meeting you

All those days and years

Wouldn’t leave a mark on you

You will look as beautiful

As the day we first met

In a place at a time

We were not supposed be

We were not supposed to meet


The day we met

You smiled with your eyes saying

You love this shipwrecked man

With no apparent reason

You strike me like a lighting bolt

On a clear sunny day


No one believed me

Even my jealous friends

That a miracle happened

That fate chose to rescue a shipwrecked man

Sparing it from all the miseries

Only unloved men are destined to suffer

But I believed in things

Only the shipwrecked the unloved believe


But I know somehow

Time will not be kind with me

Or in the matter of fact with you

When we meet

At a place

On a day

We were not supposed to be

You will be old and I older

On a rainy day under unkind dark skies

Seeing each other

Surprised and not as believing as today

How come time can be so cruel?

How come time left mercilessly?

So many unaccountable marks

On that beautiful face

Which could ignite sunshine

On rainy days

How can those eyes be so gloom-stricken?

Which once struck a lightning bolt that shipwrecked me

On unfamiliar shores

Where I was stranded for eternity

In love with you


And here I am

Still believing in meeting you

With no apparent reason

In a strange country

Where it rains on sunny days

And strangers bump into one another

Where shipwrecked are loved

With no apparent reason

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Sameer Mehrab is a writer and co-founder of Balochistan Times. He often depicts Balochistan's socio-political dilemmas in his fiction and poetry. He is based in Canada.

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