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But I am a man

There are eyes that look deep into my heart, oppugn the scratches on my forehead, observe my gait and feel the weariness of my tone. There are open arms waiting to penetrate into my chest to translate inner feelings. There is a welcoming, romantic smile on pink lips to make me realize how important I am. But I am a man, I often fail to realize the selfless affection and love behind the eyes of sisters, hug of mother and care of wife.
Despite avoidance they love you. They are sensitive but never leave you to shatter. They are loyal, even you dent their confidence. They defend, nevertheless you are wrong. But I am man, I have a nature that loves change, like an eagle, I search, like a chameleon, I change.
Yes they are emotional and envious, but innocent and pure. Maybe little shortsighted, but have boundless dreams full of love and fondness. Might have always high expectations, but are symbol of sacrifice too. But I am man proud of my aggressiveness, Like an eagle, I am farsighted, like a giraffe, I am straight faced.
They have character but stale faces, and awaiting eyes. I am a swinger, having the divine right of asking for an untouched bride! They are sincere and committed despite knowing the fact that they will start from scratch, once married. Live a sleepless life to feed, and school the children; recognizes that star kid is always papa’s kid, and failed

ones go to mama’s account. Like an old wine she enjoys my grayish hair. Whereas I look for substitutes because I am man.
“It’s you, responsible for the delivery of baby girl”; sorry, I am a man, and I cannot blame the Y chromosome that I supply. But she is a mother that bears a child for nine months, irrespective whether a boy or girl bears a pain of 10.5 Dol to give birth to a child. Gunfire celebrates the birth of a baby boy, and a girl has to get satisfied on the lullaby of mother.
Well said by a Wiseman: “All words are pegs to hang ideas on”. The purpose of writing is not to prove man a demon and women an angel. The objective is to shed light on the feelings that a man has to focus on. Prostitutes, Women pedophiles are reality, but on scratching little deep, you will always find a man behind. Man and women collectively provide the base for life, but I wonder how dismal and bleak the world would be without women.

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Dostain Dostain writes on social issues. He conducts research on factors impeding human freedom and peace. He also writes fiction.

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