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Balochistan University scandal hits roadblock for ‘lack of evidence’

The head of the parliamentary committee formed to investigate the sexual harassment scandal at the University of Balochistan, Quetta, said on Tuesday no victim has come forward to file a complaint in person.

Mahjabin Sheran hinted it would be difficult to build a case against the perpetrators without personal testimonies of the victims.

“Some people have contacted me through Whatsapp and phone, but we cannot win a case without evidence,” she told a news agency earlier today.

Some student activists, while responding to Sheran, rejected the claim there wasn’t enough evidence to persecute those involved in the crime.

One, Mannan Samad Baloch, tweeted that the scandal was being purposefully undermined “through lame excuses”.

The member of the Balochistan Assembly from Turbat, who shot to instant fame recently for taking a stand on bringing her child to the assembly floor, is the head of the special committee formed by the Balochistan Assembly to investigate a sexual harassment scandal in which campus officials were caught with dozens of candid videos of female students recorded through cameras secretly installed at their hostel toilets and rooms.

Sheran said names of the victims would not be disclosed, and the Balochistan High Court has even offered to hear the case in a “separate room”.

The scandal became public last month after Balochistan High Court ordered the FIA to probe several harassment and blackmailing charges filed by female students.

The vice-chancellor of the university is facing suspension, yet no substantial progress has been made into the case which is causing massive student protests throughout the region.


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