Sajid Hussain

Baloch writers get death threats for ‘blasphemy’

A man claiming to be representing Tehrik e Taliban Afghanistan has threatened to kill two Balochi writers if they were confirmed to be running an anonymous Facebook account which is “posting blasphemous images and content.”

The concerned Balochi writers are Dr Naguman and Dr Hanif Sharif, both well-known in Balochistan for their fiction works. They are considered among the most responsible Balochi writers.

The threats came in two separate audio messages being circulated on the social media. Both the men speak in the local Balochi language.

“As you know some people have made a [Facebook] group (sic) called Nahuda Gwadari. They are some friends who are posting blasphemous images and insulting the Prophet and Allah.”

The men claim in the audio messages that they have received initial information that Dr Naguman and Hanif Sharif are running this “blasphemous campaign”.

“For the time being, it appears two people are involved in this: one is Dr Naguman and the other is Dr Hanif Sharif.”

They claim the Balochi language in the (blasphemous) posts appears to be impeccable. “Therefore, it’s clear the person involved is a Balochi writer.”

They say Dr Naguman and Dr Hanif Sharif’s previous writings had been critical of Islam. “So it could be them.” But he said they are still confirming. He urges the fellow Muslims to help confirm the identity of the anonymous Facebook user.

“We have set up a team to confirm the blasphemer Facebook user. If it’s them, they are not far from our reach.”

He warned that someone called Rafiq Auman from Bal Nigwar (Dr Naguman’s hometown) had also attempted blasphemy. “Now ask him where is he?”

“Salman Taseer was the governor of Punjab. We even managed to kill him for such acts. You [Dr Naguman and Dr Hanif Sharif] are nothing.”

One of the man says once they confirm the identity, they’ll not even waste our bullets on the “culprit”. “We’ll just behead him with the blunt side of the knife.”

He says if Dr Naguman and Dr Hanif Sharif think they are living abroad and cannot be reached, “our suicide bombers can attack them even there.”
He said even if they live abroad their families live in Balochistan. “We’ll occupy their land.”



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Sajid Hussain (1981-2020) was a writer and senior journalist from Balochistan. He had a degree in Economics, International Relations and English Literature from Karachi University. He had the experience of working with Pakistani newspapers Daily Times and The News International. Sajid Hussain was also the founding editor of this online magazine.

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