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‏من ساجدا دو بر گندگَ لۆٹان 

زهیر بلۆچ

چد و پێسر من ساجد هجبر ندیستگ‌ات. اے ائولی رند اَت که ما ادارُکی دۆچار کپتێن. آ هم ساجد منی سنگتێئے همراهیا درملکا آتکگ‌اَت.

چش که منا زُبانزانتی و لبزانکۓ هُب هست‌ات، ما زبان و لبزانکۓ سرا باوَست کرت۔ ساجد مهروانێن مردمے. منا سک باز سَکێن ا دلبڈی داتی، سک باز سرپدی داتی. 

من یک رۆچے وتی سنگت جست کرت: “یار ساجدۓ هالان دئے، بارێن انگه همدا اِنت؟ دلا اِنت رۆچے بیایان، بگندانی”. 

سنگتا گوَ‍شت که ساجد شتگ یورپا. منا پوره اے گپ سک تئورِت. منی دلا پوره ساجد دور شتگ‌اَت و اے دوری منا تئورگا اَت بله من که اے هالا سهی بوتان که ساجد سویڈنا گار اِنت، پوره زمین چه پادانی چێرا در آتک. گار بئیگۓ جند په بلۆچا نۆکێن گپے وه نه‌اِنت، بله ساجدۓ بێگواهی؟ سویڈنا؟

ما بس په کمُک وهدا دُچار کپگتگێن، بله دلا گوَشت مدام گۆن ساجدا انچۆ هئوار بو، همدیوان بو. بلۆچ و بلۆچیۓ سرا دیوان و مجلس کن. 

من دلجم آن که ساجد بلۆچیا ندرۆهیت، زوت واترَ کنت. بله اے انوگێن دمان سک گران اَنت. اے دمان وت هلاس باتنت. پدا ترا بگنداتان. 

Our voice needs our voice

Khadija Kurd

Sajjid Hussain, a Baloch journalist who has been missing in Sweden since 2 March, is a person who left his family and home to be the voice of voiceless Baloch people. So it’s sad that we are now forced to raise our voice for him.

We tell ourselves that we should never be afraid of rising against injustice and speaking truth to power. If the present situation continues then every journalist and writer will be silenced. This is our responsibility to stand with all those who report for us and write our stories. If we don’t speak today, then not many will be left to speak for us tomorrow.


Lack of proper education in Balochistan

Abdullah Dawood

Balochistan is a large region but unfortunately its educational sector has been in poor condition for the past several years.

According to a recent report, the literacy rate in Balochistan is 39 percent which
is very low. Most of our 12,500 primary schools are without basic
facilitates, such as power supply, clean drinking water, classrooms, course books, toilets and furniture.

Moreover, there are an estimated 5,000 ghost teachers in Balochistan. Such teachers are damaging the future of a generation, even an entire nation if you look at it broadly. We as a society should come forward and condemn such dishonesty as in my opinion access to proper education is a basic human right. If we want to see a prosperous Balochistan, the quality of schools has to improve.


Ramzan the time to help

Junaid Bakht Baloch

The month of fasting is here with its blessings. We should help the needy as their suffering has increased due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The poor people are unable to earn money as they are in lockdown. God always blesses those who engage in philanthropy and share their love with those who are in dire need.

The time for assistance and charity has come as this month will multiply our rewards. It’s also the month in which we should spread messages of peace, brotherhood and harmony. If we are all united, we will beat the deadly virus.

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