Letters to the Editor

من نزانتگ ساجد ھسئین بلۆچیا هم بلَد اِنت

اَزیز بلۆچ

ائولی رندا من بلۆچیا آزمانکے نبشته کرتگ‌اَت، دگه نامێۓ سَرا، وتی اَسلی ناما نه. همے وھدا سۆشل میڈیایا منی چم په بلۆچستان‌ٹائمزۓ ساییٹا کپتنت. اے تاکۓ اسٹئینڈردڑ و رسانکدری بالادا منا لاچار کرت که گێشتر بچارانی. من که اے تاکۓ بالاد گۆن بلۆچانی اندگه تاکان دێم په دێم کرت، ته همے آسرا سر بوتان که الّم اے تاکا انچێن واننده و زانتکارێن بلۆچے دێما برگا اِنت که وت چه اهوالکاریۓ راه و رِپکان بلَد اِنت. من بازێن آرٹیکلے دیست که بلۆچی و انگرێزیا نبشته اتنت و ندکار ساجد ھسئین اَت. من نزانت که اشیۓ سرشۆنکار ساجد ھسئین بوتَ کنت.
منا تاں یک وھدێا همے واهگ همراه بوتگ که کد ببیت که منی نبشته همے تاکا چاپ و شِنگ ببنت. من انگریزیا نبشته کنگۓ رھبندانی
دربرگۓ جُهدا بوتگان تانکه منی نبشته بلۆچستان ٹائمزا چاپ بوتگێن نبشتانکانی پئیما ببنت

همے شۆھازانی تها من لهتێن انگرێزی نبشتانک ونت. نبشته‌کار، ساجد هُسئین اَت. من تان مُدتێا چه همِشان نبشته کنگۓ هُنر در برگۓ جُهد کرت. من هر وهدا که ساجد وانت، نبشته کنگۓ واهگا منی دلا جاه جَت. منی تها شَرێن اهوالکار بئیگئے واهگ پاد آتکنت.
وتی منّا بازێن وانگ و جهدا پد من آزمانکے بلۆچیا نبشته کرت و دلا گَل اتان که اشیا بلۆچستان‌ٹایمزا رووانَ دئیان. من که آزمانک راه دات لهتێن رۆچا پد منی ایمئیلئے جواب آتک : “تئیی تها آزمانک‌نویسیۓ بود هست. اے رووان داتگێن آزمانک تکنیکی رِدا نِزۆر اِنت، اَکس‌کَشی، ندارگ‌سازی، چێدَگی ھُنر، اسلوب و پلاٹ… آنی سرا کار بکنۓ، دێمترا جوانێن آزمانک‌نویسے جۆڑ بوتَ کنئے”

من هما اِنت آزمانک‌نویسیۓ بُنکی ھنرا در برَگۓ جهدا آن، گۆن همے هئیالا که من یک رۆچے پدا وتی آزمانکے بلۆچستان‌ٹایمزا دێمَ دئیان، بله نون جێڑگا آن که من وھدے آزمانکا نبیسان، کئے منا گوَشیت که گۆن اے آزمانکا من آزمانک‌نویسیۓ ھَک اَدا کرتگ یا نه

My idol is alive

A Sajid Hussain fan

Dear Sajid! Let me start by stating the obvious: I miss you. As an aspiring writer with no published work, I was jealous of your writings. I may only be familiar with your work published on Balochistan Times but it was enough for me to say, you are my idol.

I get emotionally involved with people I do not know. I mean the people whom I have never met and I’m really not sure if this is healthy. I had hoped I’d get the chance to ask you this. I am sure you wouldn’t have struggled to explain the emotion as I am struggling with.

Do you know after you disappeared I kept asking myself, why do I feel so bad? We had never even met, nor had we ever spoken over the phone or on social media. What is this? Why do I feel so miserable? After all, I am one of those guys who usually rant about not getting stress by the almost daily news of disappearances. Yet, I have not felt so depressed ever. You shattered that mental shield I’d worked so hard on.

Sajid, I’ve been reading your work. I have been hearing the stories from mutual friends. Remember you used to interview people for the Balochistan Times radio? I keep wondering, is this enough to idolize someone. Now that you are gone, everyone is sharing their memories. They are writing about the time they spent with you.

I am completely devastated to read these articles but still I read them. Your death has made me love pain. I cannot even try to imagine the pain your family is going through at the moment. It almost feels like I’ve lost the best thing in my life. I was looking forward to impressing you with my write-ups one day. I feel empty now. Sajid, no matter what happens, do not worry, as long as your stories are there you will remain alive for us.


We lost a legend

Zoha Baloch


I miss Sajid Hussain even though I never met him. My heart aches and my eyes are in tears. I am unable to comprehend why I’m hurting so much. I just know that we lost a legend. I will mourn for long. He was a shining star. He left too early.


Problems with online classes

Majid Haider Baloch


As Coronavirus began to spread in Pakistan, the education minister ordered closure of all educational institutions. The HEC then directed all the public sector universities to initiate online classes but what would students in Balochistan do especially in rural areas with no internet availability? Some are attending classes, while most are not able to. Surely, the universities will promote those students who are taking classes, but what will the universities promote those students who are not taking classes?

One problem is that students from Balochistan face difficulty in preparing for subjects such as Maths and Statistics as they need assistance from their teachers.

Moreover, the students who are attending classes complain that they are overburdened with assignments and lengthy reading materials. The teachers are also facing problems with online classes as they have no idea how to deliver lectures online given they are not used working from home.

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