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Who’ll write my story?

This short short story by A R Daad has been translated by Jalil Baloch from Balochi.


At the back of the door, on a wall, the old man had written the date and month of his arrival.

“I am the youngest son of Saalaar. The day I came here there was no sign of any living being except for this barren and desolated land. Initially, I had tried finding out my name’s meaning. My entire life passed, no one was ever able to tell me what Saalaar meant.”

A young man had written the story of his departure on a mirror:

“I sailed on a boat to reach here. The soldiers at the shore captured me and put me in the prison. I am writing my diary.

I’ll be leaving after them. There isn’t any place left where I can write the story of my arrival and departure.”

About Jalil Baloch

Jalil Baloch lives in Germany, studying for a Masters degree in English Literature from George August University. He originally belongs from Turbat, Balochistan. He taught English language there.

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